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Who Among Them Is The Greatest Footballer?It Must Be Messi.

He showed up, led the way, and scored. Argentina won the World Cup and remained there.

Doha, Qatar –

Lionel Messi’s goal was not how he scored it; instead, he took advantage of the situation and made it his own in front of 88,000 people.
When Argentina plays there, Lusail Stadium needs to be a no-fly zone with Messi in the ranks.

Any passengers on any airplane that was above the stadium when Messi scored would have felt the turbulence caused not by polluted air but by Argentina fans celebrating Messi’s goal in a game that needed to be won. This ruined the peacefulness of a late November evening.
All evening, the crowd had been loud. However, it’s possible that the small gap between Argentina’s survival and elimination helped keep the volume somewhat under control. Or perhaps they were concentrating on Messi’s goal because they were confident that the maestro would deliver when it mattered and that everything would go according to plan.

I compared low-flying F16s to 60,000 jubilant Brazilian fans two days ago, arguing that the latter would likely win a contest to determine which was the loudest.
I was proved wrong on Saturday night.
The stadium erupted when Messi scored. The time had come when sound waves could transform into flames, scorn everything in their path—which by this point was nothing more than fragments—and let them burn before taking over the space left behind.
That 7-1 occurred in a semi-final in Brazil eight years ago. Argentina had been holding on this year. The misfortune of Saudi Arabia shook them as well as left them embarrassed – and confronting an early World Cup exit. in a competition between teams.

Be that as it may, Messi scored. Argentina was once again having dreams: On the field, in the crowd, tens of thousands of kilometers away in Buenos Aires, and two hours away in Rosario, where murals and residents’ memories still depict this young boy.
“How would you like me to respond to that?” said an Argentina fan after the game when requested to portray on the off chance that he was feeling much better the group made due or dazzled by Messi.

“That’s Messi. It’s football. Messi was created so that he could honor football. Messi is it. I doubt I have much more to say. He did what you saw.
And not only the people of Argentina were left in awe. A youthful Mexico ally, hung in the greens of her group, interfered with her dad who had quite recently said that “Messi’s presentation wasn’t pleasant”.
“Indeed it was!”She yelled, then settled down. I was able to see Messi’s score. I was able to see a Messi goal in person rather than on television because I am a Mexican supporter. Being able to see Messi’s score was nice.
Her father chuckled, “Now we’re supporting Argentina and Messi to beat Poland and help us reach the knockouts.”

Cristina’s dream came true when she got to attend an Argentina match and see Messi play live. Given what was at stake, a Messi goal was extra icing with a cherry on top for eternity.
She stated, “I landed in Qatar yesterday” from the Philippines. I have always admired Messi greatly. Given that they would have been eliminated if they had lost, I was absolutely terrified. Not what I would have preferred. However, at that point, I got what I came here for a Messi strike!
She continued, “My life is complete,” glancing at her cousin Det, who admitted that she was not a football fan but had come to see the culmination of six years of long-term construction work.

Shubi Arun wrote on Al Jazeera earlier this month, “Qatar is not a now-or-never World Cup for Messi; it is a postscript for a movie that was supposed to have ended in Russia.”
Diego Maradona has passed away. Messi is carrying the torch for Argentina and football.

Because he is likely participating in his final World Cup, for him, it is now or never.
Outside the stadium, Saudi and Mexican fans continued to make fun of Messi before the game by looking around, “checking” each other’s pockets, and yelling, Messi is where? Is Messi still alive?
The objective against Mexico won’t make it into the best 10 objectives of the competition. However, it will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion. He scored because it was Messi, and Argentina won.

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