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Salman Khan, A Star in Bollywood, Was Found Guilty of Poaching Antelope.

In 1998, an Indian film star was accused of killing antelopes while filming in the state of Rajasthan.

In a nearly two-decade-old case involving the killing of two Indian antelopes while filming in the state of Rajasthan, top Bollywood actor Salman Khan was found guilty.

A court in the northwestern city of Jodhpur said on Thursday that Khan was responsible for breaking the country’s wildlife law in the October 1998 incident.

According to Indian media, Khan, who was present at the verdict’s reading, faces up to six years in prison for the conviction.

The lawyers for Khan want Khan to serve less time in prison.

NDTV, a local television station, reported that, depending on how long he was in jail, he could apply for bail through the appeals court or the local court.

Khan’s four individual entertainers, who were additionally blamed for the association with the situation, were all absolved.

Outside the court, a large crowd gathered to see Khan and his co-accused actors.

Indian law considers the endangered Indian antelope, also known locally as the blackbuck, to be a protected species. Rajasthanis also hold it in high esteem.

There have been a number of delays in the case over the years, including attempts to drop some of the charges. The trial only started in 2013.

According to The Hindu news website, he pleaded “not guilty” to the charge and maintained that the evidence presented against him was “false.”

Khan was also accused of killing two more Indian gazelles, also known as chikaras, and two blackbucks in the state of Rajasthan.

However, he was cleared of criminal charges in January for using and possessing firearms with an expired license during the alleged hunting incidents.

However, Khan was alleged to have killed the animals by a driver who was present at the time.

Khan was also involved in a Mumbai hit-and-run in 2002, which resulted in the death of a homeless man and the injuries of four others.

Khan’s bodyguard, a police officer, said that Khan was driving the Land Cruiser when the accident happened.

He was given a five-year prison term for that case, but his sentence was later reduced so that he could appeal.

Khan, one of Bollywood’s most well-known stars, has appeared in nearly 100 films in Hindi over the course of three decades.

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