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Before The World Cup Final, France Celebrates From The President On Down.

President Emmanuel Macron declared, “I’m backing the France team, and I think that the French are also.”

Emmanuel Macron cannot be stopped from supporting Les Bleus by politics.

Macron is scheduled to travel to Doha for the second time in a week to attend Sunday’s final match of the Qatar World Cup 2022 between France and Argentina.

He attended Les Bleus’ semifinal match against Morocco on Wednesday in Qatar, where he cheered France to a 2-0 victory from the bleachers. Together with FIFA President Gianni Infantino, he watched the game.

A nation that is obsessed with football and is on the verge of winning two World Cups is represented by the president’s support for the French team.

I am extremely proud of my nation. Macron told reporters after the match against Morocco, “I’m very happy.”

“I maintain that the French should partake in this straightforward bliss.”

Macron’s 13,000km (8,000 miles) full circle to Qatar will be worth the effort however in the event that the French side can hold onto the country’s third World Cup title.

“Return her?” He tweeted about the trophy, which the French call the “Coupe du Monde,” on Wednesday.

Additionally, Macron was criticized for personally supporting Les Bleus. Climate activists slammed the French leader for traveling six hours one way to Doha, which they said was bad for the environment.

“We believed that it was a stunning disappointment of administration that Emmanuel Macron would go watch football” rather than going to a Unified Countries biodiversity gathering in Canada, Oscar Soria, the mission chief for worldwide activism non-benefit Avaaz, said on Twitter on December 14.

Macron was proud.

At a European summit on Thursday in Brussels, Macron stated, “I’m backing the France team and I think that the French are also.”

After France’s victory over Morocco and as fans eagerly anticipated Sunday’s match, the mood before the game has reached fever pitch in France. A record-breaking number of viewers tuned in to watch the semifinal on France’s TF1 television.

Thousands of Parisians poured into Champs-Élysées on Wednesday evening, carrying French flags and firing red flares, singing “we are in the final.” A symphony of honking horns erupted as cars whirled around the renowned Arc de Triomphe.

Earlier this week, riot police were stationed in large numbers along the boulevards and occasionally used tear gas to control the pulsating crowd. French specialists have since called for Champions Élysées’ conclusion in front of Sunday’s down and huge number of mob police are supposed to be sent across Paris fully expecting another seismic group.

Fans gathered in a gymnasium to watch France’s World Cup campaign elsewhere in France, in the northern city of Compiegne.

Karine, 28, stated, “Sunday is just a formality, the cup is already in France.”

France has scored five goals thus far in the World Cup, energized by an unwavering Kylian Mbappe, who is vying for the Golden Boot and is keeping up with Lionel Messi.

Mbappe has already inspired a generation of young French football players, even if he does not win the Coupe du Monde on Sunday.

Yacine Ngamatah, a 12-year-old player for the Paris club team AS Bondy, said to The Associated Press, “It motivates me, boosts me, and makes me want to work even harder.” Ngamatah played for Mbappe when he was a kid.

One of the numerous young French players who hope to now follow in Mbappe’s footsteps is Ngamatah, who scored four of his team’s 10 goals on Saturday against a club from a different suburb of Paris.

Rabiah Bertrand, whose 12-year-old son Ilan was also playing on Saturday, said, “When I watch the France team, I get all emotional, because I think maybe one day my kid, too, will be with them.” Ilan was also playing.

The French supporters who traveled to the Gulf nation for the game in Doha were also extremely optimistic about the Les Bleus’ chances against Messi and his Argentine teammates.

Outside Al Bayt Stadium, a French fan declared, “I think we can do it. It’s going to be very tough against Argentina.” We have a strong defense, and our attack is unstoppable when we play well.

At Lusail Stadium, the closing ceremonies begin at 4:30 p.m. (13:30 GMT), and the France-Argentina final is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. (15:00 GMT).

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